Sally McNally’s Jams are a traditional full fruit loose-set jam. The tradition of jam is to pick the fruit during the peak of the season and capture that flavour for the season when the fruit is not always abundant.
Therefore do not think of our jam as the sticky, sugar, paste that you buy from a supermarket, but as a preserve packed with fruit and flavour.

Jam, Yoghurt, and Toasted Museli
A tried and tested disk for breakfast, or as a quick snack.
Simply place a large dollop of thick traditional yoghurt on fresh toasted muesli, add a large spoonful (or two) of either Raspberry, Strawberry, or Mixed Berry Jam.

Cream Cheese and Jam Bagels
Slice a bagel in half and toast the inside, plain bagels are nice, but you could also use fruit bagels. Once nicely toasted, spread with a generous amount of cream-cheese, this also works nicely with a soft cheese, like a Brie cheese. Place a generous spoonful of Fig Jam or Mixed Berry Jam.

Baked Brie with Fig Jam
Recipe coming soon.